World-leading Oxygen Control

US NAVAIR and the FAA use ACT technology to train pilots

Eliminate Altitude Sickness

Homeowners in Aspen use ACT technology to eliminate altitude sickness

Protecting a National Treasure

The Smithsonian chose ACT to protect the Star Spangled Banner

Olympic Training Centers in 14 countries chose ACT

Chosen to train the best

Altitude Control Technologies

ACT is the world leader in altitude simulation. We create both high and low altitude environments for medical research, pilot training, sports performance, and for the prevention of altitude sickness.


See how NAVAIR and the FAA use ACT technology to safely train pilots at altitude without health risk.

Mountain Homes

Don’t let altitude sickness spoil your mountain retreat.


ACT’s unrivaled control system precisely controls environmental factors to within 1/10th of 1%.

Human Performance

Find out why professional athletes and the Navy Seals use ACT technology in their training.

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Smithsonian Institute


Mountain Homes


United States Navy


Godolphin Stables