Altitude Simulation for Pilots

Now pilots can receive high-altitude training without health risks. ACT’s normobaric aviation system replaces the need for costly, high-risk hypobaric chambers. ACT’s hypoxic pilot training system also enables both simulated altitude training and flight simulator training in the same training session.

Safer For Pilots

ACT technology was developed in conjunction with US NAVAIR. It is now used by many leading flight training schools including the FAA and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. ACT’s normobaric /low oxygen training chambers completely eliminate the risk of barotrauma, neurological damage and decompression sickness. After hundreds of sessions not a single health related incident has been reported.


Significant Cost Savings

ACT altitude chambers are a fraction of the cost of hypobaric chambers. ACT chambers generally cost about 90% less than the cost of hypobaric chambers. Maintenance costs are about 95% less than the cost to maintain hypobaric chambers.


The ACT system has proven to be a reliable, cost effective system and meets all our requirements

Lt. Col. USAF (ret.) Glenn Harmon Associate Professor of Aeronautical Science Embry Riddle University

There is absolutely no risk of DCS or barotrauma with the ACT system. I have had experience with hypobaric training systems and the ACT system is far safer.

Gregory Pinnell MD Senior AME, Senior Flight Surgeon USAFR and Faculty Western Michigan College of Aviation

Embry-Riddle Selected ACT

See an ACT installation in action and learn about the benefits of normobaric chambers for aeronautic training.




No risk of DCS or barotrauma injuries
Unlike hypobaria there is no risk of neurological damage due to decompression
Safety of trainees and trainers
No limitation on training time
360 degree visibility
Immediate entry or exit


90% less than the cost of a comparable hypobaric chamber
95% less cost to maintain than a hypobaric chamber
Lower personnel requirements than hypobaric chambers
No hazardous duty pay required in normoxic chambers
Efficient training – rapid turnover


Make it any size – fit any room
Flight simulator compatible
Better fidelity of training
Works in the real world training environment
Offers masks for recovery and pulse oximetry systems for monitoring